Trip Preparation


In order to have a smooth and enjoyable trip please read the information below:


For U.S. Canada and European Community citizens no Visa is required for stays of less than 90 days; only a Passport valid for at least six months from date of arrival and at least two blank pages. If you have a different nationality please e-mail us to help. Do not forget to bring a copy of passport pages where your picture and number appears, it will be very useful.

On Arrival at Lima Airport
During your flight, the airline staff will provide you a Customs form (one per family) and the Andean Immigration form (one per person), please fill them out before the flight lands; on your arrival at Lima airport follow the crowds towards the immigration check points, after you get your passport stamped by the immigration officer you will need to walk just some meters to pick up your luggage from the baggage carousel, next go towards Customs check points where you just need to provide the filled out form, after clearing customs you will find people holding signs with names, one of those signs has your name, in case you don’t find your name please wait some minutes or call us at the emergency number +(51)984110991.


Peru Climate
Generally speaking, the climate varies from region to region in Peru.
In the Coast, the weather varies, with a damp and cloudy winter that runs from June to September.
Average temperatures come in at 14°C. During the summer, temperatures can peak at 28°C or over.
In the Highlands, the sun shines all year round during the morning, but temperatures descend at night, averaging 5°C.
The climate in the Amazon jungle is tropical all year round. In both regions, the rain season runs from December through April.
Lima is a city that features a moderate climate, ranging from a light drizzle in winter to a warm summer.
Average temperature in summertime -from mid-December to mid-March is 25 / 28°C. Winter, which usually features overcast skies and high humidity, has temperatures ranging from 10 to 16°C.


Health information for travelers to Peru - Vaccinations and other health precautions
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Be sure you read through this guide.


Dialing Code – The international access code for Peru is +51, and the outgoing code is 00,
followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 0044 for the UK).


Time – Peru is -5 hours GMT.


Language – Spanish and Quechua are the official languages, but many other dialects are
spoken. English is spoken only in major tourist centers and hotels.


Tipping - Some restaurants add a service charge of between 5% and 10%, which will be
indicated by the words 'propina' or 'servicio' near the bottom of the bill. Even if service charge has been added the waiter can be offered an additional 10% for exceptional service; this is also the going rate for tipping where service charge has not been added. In hotels porters expect about US$0.50 per bag. Taxi drivers are not tipped (the fare should be set before departure). Tour guides are customarily tipped.


News - check out all the latest Google news on Peru at


What to pack:

-- Original valid Passport and copy

-- Day backpack to carry your camera, water bottle and clothing

-- Mid weight wool sweater

-- Winter Hat and Gloves  

-- Fleece pants

-- Zip-off hiking pants

-- Shorts

-- Short and Long-sleeve shirts.

-- Swimsuit

-- Sun hat

-- Winter Rain jacket

-- Athletic, waterproof and broken-in hiking shoes

-- Sandals

-- Personal towel

-- Flashlight

-- Pocket knife

-- Watch with alarm

-- Sunglasses

-- Sun block and lip balm

-- First-aid kit with Personal Medication

-- Hand sanitizer gel

-- Insect repellent

-- Camera, film and spare batteries

-- Altimeter

-- Earplugs

-- Energy snacks

-- Good binoculars

-- Extra Money in small denominations (tips)