About Us


5 years ago when my husband and I met Fredy, our tour guide at the time for the Inca Trail, we could never have imagined where it might lead us. Firstly Matt and myself became memorized by the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, so much that we decided to venture into business together. Since
these past 5 years we have run a successful Peru travel agency specializing mostly in hiking the Inca Trail and tours around Peru. Getting a grasp of the tourism industry and loving every minute of it, we decided to explore further into Central and South America.


After travelling 6 months around Central and South America we knew it was for us. Now knowing about all the tours that we will offer and the quality is really important so we can relate to the client and help them make the best decision for the time frame of travel that they will have in their chosen countries. In a business, knowing what you are talking about is the key to success, and not only for the business but for the clients as well!